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Summer Transition

As Almighty Construction enters into the beginning of Fall and as the weather starts to die down which is evident with the cooling weather, we by no means have slowed down in job requests. We have been able to manage and balance the work we have been doing with all our new clients. We have an average of 2-9 quote requests a week. This mainly because of our Google Ads. We don't really use social media as an outreach method. We are trying new things with our website with this blog and our forum.

We plan to optimize the website for faster loading. It doesn't take a lifetime to load but if we can keep them from choosing someone else, we will do it.

Remember that Almighty Construction is a God-Fearing company. We bless our clients as we truly believe that our Father in Heaven is the one that convinces our clients to choose us to help them with their project. It is why we take so much detail into account. From planning to cleanup, we don't want them to regret the choice they make.

If you are just starting your business, you can talk to us. We will give you a bit o =f advice but of course we won't share all our secrets!

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